Carbon dioxide (CO2) increases topically the PH and causes technical lack of providing oxygen.Thus, the body reacts with dilation of small blood vessels.As a result, more oxygen is provided via haemoglobulin and the metabolism starts. Carbon dioxide converts to active oxygen.

In lipolysis we have double action:

1.Fat cells are destroyed mechanically

2.The circulation is improved and the removal of the stored fat becomes faster.

Providing of oxygen is more and so the fatty acids are oxidized resulting in decreasing the  fatty cells and tightening the connective tissue.

By Carboxytherapy we avoid adverse reactions caused by substances such as phosphatidylcholine which is used for lipolysis

We use very small insulin needles in a certain depth with a special pistol which arranges the depth precisely.So the application is easier, more steady and painless for the patient. For a few seconds only the patient feels a little discomfort topically on the face and body.

The results are impressive and last over 2 years!